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Foxtail Sound is a warm, comfortable, medium-sized (we used to say sixteen-track*) recording studio in a relaxed rural setting in Dixon, California.  We have a reputation for sessions that run very smoothly, quickly, and efficiently, and deliver excellent results; all you need to do is that voodoo that you do so well!

Our hours are flexible, so write now or call 707-678-4741.

We also offer on-location multitrack recording and remote high-resolution field recording.

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We can take your project from start to finish...

...or anywhere in between

We provide a reasonably-priced technical paradise with the resources to support a very broad range of imagination.

Engineering and Production services, Studio Talent, and Technical Assistance are available, and our Graphics Department can make a nice package for your product!  Contact Foxtail Sales for more information.

Need arrangements?  We can create vocal, string, horn, percussion, whatever parts or whole arrangements you may need to spice up your work.  Here'a a four-voice a capella arrangement you can download to take a look for yourself!

Blue Shadows
          on the Trail

Some insight into the Recording Environment.  We have a nicely-tuned room that's designed for clarity.  Here we use mostly analog techniques while taking advantage of the digital medium's faithfulness and stability.  For instance, we monitor everything completely outside the digital domain, so (unlike many other modern studios) you never experience tiny delays or echoes that can alter your approach.  Our skill, care, and love of the craft comes from 40 years of experience recording under all conditions.  And since we do all our repair, maintenance, and calibration in-house (remember when studio engineers were actually engineers?), you can be assured of a smooth session without downtime!

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Take a break! Here are the views out the front and back.

Front View

October Sunset

Foxtail Back

Those Famous Foxtails

and inside...

Control Room

Foxtail Studio

Foxtail Studio

Want to know what to expect when you get here?

  *Once long ago, and still retaining that vibe; nowadays we offer unlimited tracks with 24 recording simultaneously.

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